Chao Liu

Present: PostDoc - Ralph Faudree Asst. Prof., The University of Memphis
Ph.D: Mathematics, Center for Combinatorics, Nankai University, 2018

Welcome to my homepage! My areas of interest are Combinatorial Number Theory and Additive Combinatorics. The site is under construction.
  • Contact information:
            Email: ;
            Organization: Department of Mathematical Sciences
            Office: DH 366

  • C. Liu's Research:

     Joint with W. Gao, S. Tringali, and Q. Zhong    On half-factoriality of transfer Krull monoids   Comm. Algebra   2020   arXiv 
     Chao Liu   On the lower bounds of Davenport constant   J. Combin. Theory, Ser. A   2020   PDF arXiv 
     Joint with J. Peng, Y. Li and M. Huang    On subsequence sums of a zero-sum free sequence over finite abelian groups   J. Number Theory   2020   PDF 
     Joint with J. Peng, Y. Li and M. Huang    On the inverse problems associated with subsequence sums of zero-sum free sequences over finite abelian groups   Colloq. Math.   2019   PDF 
     Joint with W. Gao, M. Huang, W. Hui, Y. Li and J. Peng    Sums of sets of abelian group elements   J. Number Theory   2019   PDF 
     Joint with W. Gao, Y. Li and Y. Qu   Product one subsequences over subgroups of a finite group   Acta Arith.   2018   PDF 
     Chao Liu   On the index-r-free sequences over finite cyclic groups   Int. J. Number Theory   2018   PDF 


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